Congratulations! If you’ve come to visit this site you may be considering making important changes in your life. You may have identified some aspects of your life that you no longer wish to live with. This is one of the most difficult and most important stages of change. Those moments when we know we need to change but don’t yet know how it could be possible are the hardest moments but they are crucial.

Here’s how therapy with me can help you.

  • The first step to change is facing what is. We’ll get a clear sense of the problem that you want to solve or the situation you want to change.
  • Small steps are the key to big change. We’ll go through a process in which you define what you want and identify the next attainable step. One doable step at a time change is built.
  • We’ll learn how your relationship with yourself is the key to creating change and getting unstuck. This is good, because your relationship with yourself is the place where you have the most control.
  • We’ll look for the specific ways in which facing your experience – your thoughts, your deeply held opinions and your feelings – can get you unstuck in your life, your behaviour or your relationships.
  • We’ll use mindfulness tools to help you gain more self-knowledge, acceptance and peace of mind.
  • We’ll use your problems and distresses as gateways to meaningful growth and change.

I live and work in Jerusalem. Over 15 years of providing therapy in private practice and as clinical director of Gisha Lachaim (Tishkofet), I’ve gained successful experience with all kinds of problems and needs, including:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Illness and loss
  • Marriage and family challenges
  • Self image and self acceptance
  • The desire for empowerment and happiness in the face of life’s difficulties

I work with children and adults, individuals, couples and families. I have a Masters degree in social work from New York University. My training included psychodynamic approaches and family therapy which I’ve augmented with mindfulness, parts work and ideas from CBT, DBT and ACT. In working with children I use play and art and take time to get to know the child and hear from the parents.

You’ll find more information to guide your choice throughout the site. Wishing you much success!

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