How Long?

Good therapy ends. As a therapist I’m committed to regularly evaluating the usefulness of therapy and the client’s ability to live well without therapy. Our inner work is never done. But it doesn’t always have to be done in therapy. If therapy is working well, clients will reach a place where they can move forward in their lives without it, having created other supportive resources in their lives.

Many people who start therapy want to know how long this process will take. The somewhat predictable answer is: it depends.

It takes time to resolve depression, anxiety, difficult relationships and other issues. The relevant questions as therapy begins are: what will this therapy be? Can we together create a therapeutic relationship and focus that will help you to face yourself and to progress in your life? Answering these initial questions also takes time. Once you’ve met a therapist and decided to give therapy a try, I recommend giving the process 2 or 3 months to see if this therapy is right for you.

After that, the most important yardstick is that the client and the therapist feel that therapy is creating something valuable in the client’s life. Of course, the client always has the right to end therapy. Since therapy is intended to build your ability to listen to yourself and know what you want, of course you need to listen to yourself about this. It’s best though, to discuss your decision with the therapist and end well.


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